Friday 22 March 2013

2 weeks and counting!

Only two weeks or so now until the start of the 2013 MdS on 7 April. Over recent weeks the reality has really hit home that I'll soon be in the Sahara. Training has been going well and I think I'm more or less ready although I've got serious butterflies!

Injury rehab - progressing nicely

I have continued to have a couple of sessions of physio each week. Some combination of the physio (including ultrasound and acupuncture), specific ankle strengthening exercises, new running orthotics and a significantly reduced running volume (down from about 80k per week in early January to a meagre 10k for a few weeks) has been paying dividends.

Over the past few weeks the tendon swelling and tenderness appear to have improved substantially. This is great news as it has meant that I've been able to increase the number runs each week and also do a proper long run again on Sundays with my Richmond Park MdS tentmates.

What state will my body be in after the race?

The short answer is "Who knows"!

I'm of course hoping to return from the MdS injury free but I honestly don't know how I'll hold up. There are many unknowns including the impact the race will have on my recent ankle tendon injury. As a purely precautionary measure (!) I have booked several physio sessions and also a sports massage for my return.

Even more uncertain at this point is when I'll be able to run again regularly after the race. Anyone fancy running a book?! My best guess, assuming no serious injuries, is that I'll be able to train lightly a few to several weeks later. Watch this space...

What will I eat during the race?

I have given a lot of thought to what I should eat, and also how much, on each day. As I must carry all my food for the race and I will be using a resaonable amount of calories per day, the food needs to have a high calorie to weight ratio.

Nevertheless I expect that I will likely lose weight during the race as I will have a relatively significant calorie deficit. I have a cunning plan though - replace calories lost with post race celebratory beers!

In addition to the food detailed each day when I arrive in camp I will have a Power Bar Protein Plus 80% coconut drink. Very tasty!

My daily treat is Kettle Chips - alternating Sweet Chilli and Smoky Barbeque flavours. I absolutely love crisps and this will be something that I can look forward to when the going get tough!

Follow my progress 'live' during the race

How exciting is that?! In my next post I will include details of how to:
  • Track me on the internet in near real time;
  • Check my race position each day during the race; and
  • Send me emails of greatly appreciated moral support during the race (between 7-12 April).

What else?

In my next post I will also list the people without whom my preparations would have undoubtedly been even more arduous! Until next time...

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